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Benefits Of Population Density

Population density is generally concerned with the number of people in a particular country. Population density and population distribution are two geographical terms that are not easily differentiated by a large number of people from all over the globe. The difference between population density and population distribution comes out because of their objectives where population density is concerned with the total number of the people on the land while population distribution is simply concerned with the way people are spread in that same land. Population density can however divided into two parts which are found in various parts of the globe. It is also important to note that all these population density classifications generally come with their own vital benefits to a country.

The first type of population density is a high population density. By talking about a high population density, it implies that the country with the high population density is somehow small with very many people living in it. There are however a large number of reasons why it is important for a country to promote a high population density. High population density has greatly contributed to the growth of various countries in different ways. Some of the major reasons why high population density in a country would also be beneficious are discussed below.

In most of the cases, areas with a large number people tend to be much better not only to work but also yo live. This has hence been the major reason why most of the people in various countries tend to abandon their rural areas to go to highly populated areas in various countries. High population do tend to increase the level of productivity in various countries. This is generally promoted because of the high number of workers or employees in various job places across the country. High population density also contributes to high level of taxes for various developments like infrastructures and thus leading to the growth of the general country’s economy. There are also more funds, products and services generated to various countries with high population density and thus increasing the country’s gross national income.

The other category of population density that also comes with various benefits is the low population density. A low population density is an advantage to a country as there is less exploitation of the country’s natural resources. The level of pollution and deforestation in low populated countries is also very low. Countries with few number of people also experience less congestion especially in various workplaces as well on various roads which therefore results to high traffic congestion.

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